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Instead of wasting two years getting the gargantuan Model X off the ground, he should have been going full speed ahead on the Model Y. It’s what everyone is looking for — compact size, dual motors with 429 horsepower combined, 516 pound-feet of torque, all wheel drive, and most importantly, 372 miles of all electric range.

Even the High Priest of electric cars, Elon Musk, failed to notice that the sedan is out and the midsize SUV is in. At the Tokyo auto show going on this week, Nissan has the i Mx midsize electric SUV on its stand.

The i M part of the name stands for Intelligent Mobility, the technology that Nissan says will allow fully autonomous driving, self parking, and vehicle to grid connectivity that can help power a home or stabilize the local electrical grid.

So, is the i Mx just a grown up version of the Nissan LEAF? It is built on a new, dedicated electric vehicle chassis that will by the foundation for most of the 12 new electric cars chairman Carlos Ghosn says will arrive from Nissan by 2022.

But that still hasn't stopped her from celebrating her role in the movie; in fact the former child star took to Instagram to relive her acting days on October 3 - known as Mean Girls Day - by sharing a candid image of her younger self smiling and hugging her movie mom Amy Poehler on set.

Nicole was just eight years old on the set, but she holds the memories close and dear.'On October 3rd he asked me what day it was... You should check out her boob job, they're hard as rocks!!

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How much does the i Mx prototype resemble an actual production car?

The interior features a wraparound panoramic OLED instrument panel.